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Using OSBA With Some CosmosDB Samples - Part Two

The exciting weeks got even more exciting! Both Build and Red Hat Summit are going on. In case you missed it, today we announced managed OpenShift on Azure. Over the last few weeks, we spent a little time adding provisioning parameters to OSBA in an effort to make the experience of using the broker with OpenShift really nice. Seeing this announcement while writing up this second look at some examples of CosmosDB with OSBA was extra nice!

Using OSBA With Some CosmosDB Samples - Part One

It’s been a pretty exciting few weeks! I just returned from Kubecon EU (watch my talk!!) and we’ve been hard at work on Open Service Broker for Azure and Service Catalog! We recently released v0.11.0 of OSBA that brings along some cool new things, like alignment with the new pricing tiers for MySQL and PostgreSQL and a couple of great enhancements to CosmosDB! I think the one that I’m most excited about in the CosmosDB service is that you can now automatically create both a database AND a database account directly from Kubernetes of Cloud Foundry.

Using Spring Boot With Kubernetes Service Catalog

In my last couple blog posts, I’ve talked about Service Catalog, the Open Service Broker API Specification and Open Service Broker for Azure, a.k.a. OSBA. You might ask yourself why those matter. I think Aaron did a great job of explaining why you should care about service brokers, so I won’t really get into that. But my firm belief is that you should care about brokers and I think you will.

Fun With ACI

Friday is usually a pretty good day. It’s the end of the week and the Azure Containers team has a show and tell with fun demos and people share rants. Today there were also bunch of jokes about clippy which resulted in a bunch of hilarious art from Such as… .@arschles is my hero 🤣 — jessie frazelle (@jessfraz) February 9, 2018 Then there were jokes that we needed a bot….

Using Open Service Broker for Azure with PCF Dev

Update: I originally incorrectly stated that the Azure Spring Boot library didn’t work with the VCAP_SERVICES populated by CF when using Open Service Broker for Azure. It does indeed work for a select number of services, such as DocumentDB. I’ve updated the blog post to reflect this. I’ve had the good fortune of working with a great team on Open Service Broker for Azure for the last few months. What’s Open Service Broker for Azure (OSBA!

New Beginnings and a Tale of Two Factors

I’m wrapping up 2017 with an exciting new job at Microsoft working on the super cool Azure Container Service. I really enjoyed my four years at VMware. I worked on really cool stuff and I worked with some really great people. So why make the change? I had reached a point where I felt like I was ready to do something different and I saw a really intersting job posting on Twitter.